Smart Spend Management

NPG's Smart Spend is a unique and proprietary spend management service that combines results from cost audits and baselines into a centralized cloud platform that stores a company's location information, invoices, contracts, inventory and supplier spend.  The Smart Spend platform is designed with automated workflows to easily manage payment approval processes with specialized analysis tools that automatically compare invoiced amounts to the actual contracted pricing for such services—catching Provider and Carrier contract to invoice billing errors. The system then allows for the tracking of ongoing disputes.  Smart Spend also tracks invoice schedules and sends automated alerts if one is missing or not paid by user defined deadlines.

  • Contract to Invoice Audit, Comparison and Compliance

  • Searchable Location Inventory Database

  • Ongoing Supplier Dispute Management

  • Workflows for Quick and Easy Invoice Approvals

  • Automatic Email Alerts for Contract Expiration’s and Invoice Payments


IT Trusted Advisor

NPG's Trusted Advisors provide businesses and organizations with impartial representation to navigate the complex workings of big IT, Cloud, Telecom and Communication services providers.  NPG delivers the people, processes, and technologies needed to drive efficiencies and to generate both desired solutions and cost savings.  Why work with the Provider sales reps that frequently change companies when you can work with a long-term Single Point of Contact for all your IT needs. With an expert NPG Trusted Advisor on board, we can handle and help you with all of the following:

  • IT Supplier and Carrier Cost Audits, Intelligence and Sourcing

  • Quick Quotes and Comparisons

  • IT Supplier and Carrier Contract Negotiations

  • Oversight of New Service Implementation

  • First Invoice Review to Verify Billing Accuracy

  • Cloud Migration and Business Transformation Consulting


Managed Service Plan

NPG’s Managed Service Plans offer a full-service solution that provides expert staff resources to manage sourcing, bid process, contract evaluation, and monthly expense review and analysis. We leverage cloud technology to help modernize your business and pay your invoices on time and with confidence.

  • Organize Services Inventory and Spend Data Online

  • Set-up Contract Reviews and Expiration Alerts

  • Define Expected Cost Compared to Invoiced Amounts

  • Management of Disputes and Resolution Process

  • Ongoing Data Entry, Monitoring and Upkeep


Executive Reporting

NPG's Executive Reporting delivers a monthly summary of key financial and contractual metrics that impact your business. It's a simple, easy to read report that can enhance an executive’s ability to identify critical business data and trends.

  • Invoice to Contract Comparison

  • IT Inventory Management by Location

  • Supplier Expense Trending

  • Supplier Expense by Location

  • Invoice Disputes and Status

Click on the link below to schedule a live spend management demonstration.  It’s the quickest way to eliminate the hassle of big carrier processes and get your costs under control.