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NPG Solutions offers several "Cost Saving" services to its clients as described below.

Contract Plus provides clients with a companywide report detailing various expense category costs such as: voice, data and wireless contract terms, and other expenses and services. NPG carefully analyzes each aspect, and then begins the creative process of determining a cost saving strategy that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.   

Savings Engagement consists of highly trained Cost Management experts and a proven 10-step methodology that averages 27% savings per engagement in telecom alone. We help businesses determine what solutions are the best value and assist with the contract negotiation, implementation and post analysis and reports.

                                    telecommunications savings

Contract Manager offers a full service solution that provides expert staffing to manage all financial aspects of your voice, data and wireless needs, including but not limited to;

  • Supplier Management
  • Contract to Invoice Validation
  • Overcharge Fund Recovery
  • Credit Dispute Resolution
  • Historical Audit

Executive Report is a monthly summary of key financial and contractual metrics that impact your business. It is a simple, easy to read report that can enhance an executive’s ability to identify trends and quickly adapt.

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